Ep 68 – Debbie McGee

The lovely Debbie McGee takes to my hot seat this week to discuss her incredible life and career as both a ballet dancer and also as one half of the most famous magic double act in the UK over the last 30 years. Debbie talks about her marriage to Paul Daniels, the TV shows, the West End run, the live shows, the Louis Theroux and ‘Wife Swap’ documentaries, as well as sitting on Mrs Merton’s sofa when she asked that very famous question. Debbie also talks about her future plans and your host points out an amazing potential new avenue that Debbie could go down in the world of magic at the end of the interview.

Ep 67 – Ben Earl

This is possibly the most thought provoking episode I have released in a long time. I have tried to convince Ben to be a guest on the podcast since the very beginning and today is the day he finally sits and talks to me about his incredible approach to magic. Ben doesn’t do interviews for magicians, so I am honoured that he choose to speak to you via this podcast. We go right back to the start of his professional career to discuss his DVD Past Midnight, we talk about why he decided to try and fool Penn & Teller rather than the how he fooled them. Ben also talks candidly about his Channel 4 series Trick Artist. Did he really ask security to eject the magicians he spotted in the studio audience? He answers that question in this podcast with 100% honesty. Ben is just beginning the start of a new journey for him and his magic, a project he calls Neo-Movement which is an approach to magic which makes sleights invisible and magic look purer than ever before.

Ep 66 – Richard Wiseman

Professor Richard Wiseman takes to my hot seat this week to discuss his incredible (and often magical) viral videos, he shares an amazing insight into the success of his YouTube channel Quirkology. He also talks about the framing of magic, being a guest at EMC, the new Quirkology Marvin’s Magic set and his fantastic books. This is also the very first episode ever to feature an unexpected (and unwelcome) co-host.

Ep 65 – David Berglas

On the eve of his 90th birthday the living legend and International Man of Mystery David Berglas takes to The Magicians’ Podcast hot seat to discuss his incredible life and career. He shares the story of how he secured his own television series on the BBC in the most unusual way, the cabaret scene in the 50’s and 60’s an amazing effect which he created where a real pear appears inside a milk bottle (he shares the secret too). David also discusses The Berglas Effect, his time as President of The Magic Circle and his thoughts on his son Marvin running for President.

Ep 64 – Katherine Mills

Katherine Mills is the first female magician in the UK to secure her own TV Series, the show called ‘Mind Games’ was commissioned and broadcast on the same channel Dynamo found fame on and in this interview she shares the ‘ups’ of securing the series and the ‘downs’ of it’s demise after one series. We also discuss Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic both the TV version and Live show and also her very brief time in the West End show Impossible. Katherine also shares some great tips and advice from many years as working as a gigging female magician than any budding female performer should hear.

Ep 63 – Max Somerset

Epistemic paradigms? Peddling epistemological agendas? I don’t know what they mean either, but Max Somerset does, a man who a decade ago was doing more magic on television than anyone else. He was Max in Max Magic on Sky, The Sorcerer on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice on BBC1 and then he was mugged and left in a bad way in a brutal unprovoked attack in the street in which he lives. He tells the story here of that attack and how it made him re-evaluate his outlook on life. Max also talks in detail about his chance encounter with the 1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell who he has helped to recover from a major accident in a racing car by helping him learn magic.

Ep 62 – Billy Kidd

Canadian born Billy Kidd started life as a child actor and didn’t find magic until her twenties. She now lives in Bath and has done it all including street performing, close-up, stage and a ton of television, later this year you will see her on ITV1 attempting to become ‘The Next Great Magician’ too. In this interview Billy gives us an incredible insight in to what it’s like to be a female in our male dominated industry. 

Ep 61 – Guy Hollingworth

Guy Hollingworth is a Barrister and one of the most influential card magicians of the last twenty years. This week he takes to my hot seat to discuss his book, the torn and restored card effect, his new stage act and also provides the greatest ever answer during the word association part of the show.

The Next Great Magician

Young & Strange with Houndini on The Next Great Magician

Young & Strange with Houndini on The Next Great Magician

ITV1 have just made a massive new prime time tv magic series called The Next Great Magician which is hosted by Stephen Mulhern. Each week the world’s best magicians will compete against each other showcasing their best tricks in the hope of winning the competition and securing the incredible prize of their very own television special.

I was incredibly proud to be invited to compete on the show with my double act Young & Strange which some of you might know that I am a part of. We provide the comedy relief in the show and attempt to win the show with the help of our trusty sidekick Houndini the dog. It was amazing to be part of such a massive show and work with some incredible people, I wish I could say the same about the dog.


Interviewing the Greats

The Magicians' Podcast

Interviewing the legendary Paul Daniels for The Magicians’ Podcast.

Being a working magician means I spend a great deal of time on the road (over 30000 miles last year!) and to help make the time go by a year or so ago I started listening in the car to podcasts. If you are unfamiliar a podcast is basically a radio show which isn’t a Live broadcast which you can listen to whenever you feel like via the internet or a mobile phone signal. There are thousands of them in existence and they cover all manner of genres (I mean literally anything you can think of, there is probably a podcast about it!). I well and truly fell in love with them and decided to create my own after listening to a podcast for comedians and wishing there was one for magicians.

So after a bit of research and some training regarding how you even make a podcast I started producing The Magicians Podcast, it is a weekly show available on iTunes and in each episode I interview a different magician. It isn’t really for the public, it is aimed at magicians and talks about the subject of magic in some real depth, however a few non magicians have got in touch with me who have stumbled across it and said how much they have enjoyed hearing magicians talking about magic and the odd (and often extraordinary) lives they lead because of their unusual career choice. I have now made dozens of podcasts with a different magician in each episode and have had an absolute blast going to the homes of my heroes and asking them about their career’s and the magic they perform. Some of the magicians you will have heard of such as the legendary Paul Daniels (above image) and the biggest star in UK magic today Dynamo, however most are the genius’s who have worked behind the iron curtain creating extraordinary magic which you see magicians doing on television, the internet and at Live events.

If you would like to have a quick listen (it’s free!) you can do so on iTunes at this link:

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-magicians-podcast/id932102286?mt=2