Starting over.

It has been a tough year for many so I know I am not alone in having a business I worked so hard to build up completely decimated. Most of my work over the years at corporate events, weddings and private parties mainly came from being out there working, people meet me at an event, like what I do and then book me for their own special occasion which is often 1-3 years down the road. To get to the point where it was busy enough to be my full time living took 2-4 years of a slow snowball effect.

As 2021 begins I have very little work booked in the diary for this year, just a handful of weddings that were supposed to take place last year that will hopefully take place towards the end of this year. Many have already had their dates moved 2-3 times and most are now airing on the side of caution and moving to 2022 so as not to have to mess their guests around with yet another moved date. I do feel immensely sorry for all of the brides out there who are having to guess what will happen when all they really want to do is walk down the aisle and marry their soulmate. Having said ‘Yes’ and made the decision to move their life to the next stage, not being able to actually do it must be very frustrating.

All of the other work I had, the theatre shows, the corporate events and private parties were initially postponed but so much time has past now that they are simply not relevant anymore and have been cancelled. I was supposed to attend a friends 40th birthday party in March, I think he’s closer to 50 now! At least it feels like it!

Please do get in touch if you have an event coming up in the next decade, I would love to talk to you about what I can do to make it one to remember.

A Call From The President

At around 10:30pm a few nights ago I received a Whatsapp message from The President of The Magic Circle Scott Penrose requesting to speak to me on the phone as soon as possible. As anyone would assume when receiving a message at that hour I assumed I had done something wrong and was in the s**t. His second message received a few seconds later assured me it wasn’t anything bad, just a rather pressing matter.

A few minutes later we were on the phone and he informed me that he had just left a council meeting at The Magic Circle where he had let them know that he was promoting me to A Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (M.I.M.C). I was absolutely flabbergasted, and genuinely did not see this coming.

The Magic Circle has three levels of degree, M.M.C, A.I.M.C, and M.I.M.C, when I first joined The Magic Circle a decade ago, I went in as an M.M.C, in 2013 I took a performance exam and was promoted to A.I.M.C, however the top level that I became a member of this week, can only be bestowed upon a magician by the current President and is completely at his discretion and his alone. M.I.M.C members are limited to 300 worldwide, other notable magicians with these initials after their name include David Copperfield, Dynamo and Derren Brown.

It is a dream come true, I never believed I would ever be bestowed this honour especially while I  am still in my 30’s. Thank you Scott!

A Member of The Inner Magic Circle

A Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star Badge


A special episode recorded during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival, Richard revisits six previous guests who are all performing at the festival with their own shows for a catch up. Featuring Piff The Magic Dragon, Ben Hart, Ben Hanlin, Harry De Cruz, John Lenahan and Pete Firman.



BEN HART (45.42)

BEN HANLIN (1:05.11)

HARRY DE CRUZ (1:27.40)

JOHN LENAHAN (1:53.06)

PETE FIRMAN (2:17.30)


Attempting to fool Penn & Teller

Back in 2011 I was lucky enough to be invited to perform on the (at the time brand new) ITV1 show Penn & Teller: Fool Us hosted by Jonathan Ross. If you haven’t seen the show, the format is that the best magicians in the land are invited to perform their best trick for the legendary Las Vegas magicians Penn & Teller and they must attempt to fool them with it. It is actually very hard to fool a magician with a magic trick, especially Penn & Teller who between them have over 100 years of experience! I didn’t fool them back in 2011, however the exposure on prime time ITV1 did wonders for my fairly new magic career at the time.

The Fool Us TV show is now in its 4th season and is now filmed in Penn & Tellers theatre in Las Vegas. I was very lucky a few weeks ago to be invited to travel to Las Vegas to have a second attempt at fooling them on prime time television alongside my trusty sidekick Strange. This is what happened:


Champions of MagicI am very excited to announce that I will be embarking on a 30 date UK theatre tour in the Spring of 2017 with the Champions of Magic show. It is a wonderful show with 5 magicians who are all very different. I do the last 35 minutes of the show every night. If you fancy seeing me on a stage, we are almost certainly coming to a town near you. Here are the dates and ticket info, book now as some of the shows are already almost sold out:

18th March 2017 – YEOVIL, Octagon Theatre – Tickets:

24th March 2017 – NEWBURY, Corn Exchange – Tickets:

25th March 2017 – COLCHESTER, Mercury Theatre – Tickets:

28th March 2017 – HAYES, Beck Theatre – Tickets –

29th March 2017 – BROMLEY, Churchill Theatre – Tickets:

30th March 2017 – WINCHESTER, Theatre Royal – Tickets:

31st March 2017 – KETTERING, Lighthouse Theatre – Tickets:

1st April 2017 – HARROGATE, Royal Hall – Tickets:

2nd April 2017 – BASINGSTOKE, Haymarket – Tickets:

3rd April 2017 – KINGS LYNN, Corn Exchange – Tickets:

4th April 2017 – SWANSEA, Grand Theatre – Tickets:

5th April 2017 – HALIFAX, Victoria Theatre – Tickets:

6th April 2017 – CHESTERFIELD, Pomegranate – Tickets:

7th April 2017 – ST ALBANS, Alban Arena – Tickets:

8th April 2017 – FELIXSTOWE, Spa Pavilion – Tickets:

9th April 2017 – SWINDON, Wyvern Theatre – Tickets:

10th April 2017 – LEICESTER, Curve Theatre – Tickets:

12th April 2017 – TRURO, Hall for Cornwall – Tickets:

13th April 2017 – GLENROTHES, Rothes Hall – Tickets:

14th April 2017 – DURHAM, Gala Theatre – Tickets:

15th April 2017 – GRIMSBY, Audiotorium – Tickets:

16th April 2017 – INVERNESS, Eden Court – Tickets:

18th April 2017 – DARTFORD, Orchard Theatre – Tickets:

19th April 2017 – DORKING, Dorking Halls – Tickets:

22nd April 2017 – HERTFORD, Hertford Theatre – Tickets:

Christmas Party Magician

Can you believe it? I can’t! How is it nearly Christmas party season already?

My email inbox is starting to fill up with emails about upcoming office and company Christmas parties. I have been performing at them for nearly 10 years and they are always such incredible fun, it is the one night of the year when everyone lets their hair down and enjoys themselves and a Christmas party magician added to the event is the perfect way to ensure your colleagues are talking about something fun and not anything work related.

Go to the contact page right now to enquire about my availability to be your Christmas party magician.

Christmas magician

Richard Young performing magic at a corporate Christmas party.



Ep 72 – Derren Brown

One of the world’s greatest living magicians takes to my hot seat for the series finale. Derren Brown has changed mentalism in our industry forever and become a household name in the process. He has produced more television content over the last 15 years than any other British magician and also produced seven full evening stage shows full of original presentations, methods and thinking. An unexpected part of Derren’s incredible success has been the spawning of an entire generation of magicians who rip of his psychological presentations and material, what does the man himself really think of the Derren clones? His answer may surprise you.

Ep 71 – Stuart MacLeod (Barry & Stuart)

Stuart MacLeod is one half of the double act Barry & Stuart. I would recommend you listen to Barry’s episode first (episode 70) before you listen to this one as it follows on perfectly. In this interview Stuart discusses their influences, why commercial success was never their plan, why they decided to expose all of the secrets to the tricks in one of their Edinburgh shows, his solo projects including the soon to open Band of Magicians show on the Las Vegas strip. Stuart also explains how they are able to continue as a double act today despite the fact that they live on different continents. 

Ep 70 – Barry Jones (Barry & Stuart)

Barry Jones is half of the double act Barry & Stuart, they are without question two of the most creative and innovative magicians in the world today and over the last 15 years they have produced an incredible body of original work. In this interview Barry discusses their journey from rural Scotland to the bright lights of London where they made their own TV series for Channel 4 in their early twenties called Magick, he also talks about their time as featured performers on the BBC1 show ‘The Magicians’ including the night The Slicer illusion they were performing went wrong on Live TV. I also ask Barry about their Live shows, their upcoming appearance on ITV1’s ‘The Next Great Magician’ featuring the incredible ‘Barry’s Belly’ trick and how he and Stuart have kept their double act going strong despite Stuart moving to America.

Ep 69 – Harry De Cruz

It is always great to hear an enthusiastic young magician talk about the magic world and how they view its past, present and future. This week Harry De Cruz takes to my hot seat, he is the youngest magician to ever do so. Harry is only 22 however for the last 4 years he has worked in the very heart of team DYNAMO and has been at Steven Frayne’s side throughout the TV shows, national arena tours and publicity stunts, Harry has also recently been working alongside Paul Kieve and has some big plans for his own performing future. This episode also features the first ever pair of magicians to gate crash a podcast recording, Alan Hudson and Tom Elderfield add in their 2 cents.