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The Magic Circle

15th September 2022

The Mysterious World of the Magic Circle

The Magic Circle

Indicilis Private Loqui

(Not Apt to Disclose Secrets)

In 2018 I received a late-night call from the President of the Magic Circle, telling me that I was to be admitted to the exclusive MIMC (Membership of the Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star). This is the highest level of membership and is extended to no more than 300 magicians worldwide. As you can imagine, I was thrilled with the accolade, but even more so because of the extraordinary history of this mysterious society.

Over a Century of Magic and Magicians

Imagine a smoky pub in the heart of Soho in 1905. There, a group of London’s leading magicians held the first meeting of the Magic Circle, presided over by David Devant, “the most famous magician in England”. The first edition of the society’s newsletter, The Magic Circular, was printed at this time with its distinctive zodiac design, and it continues to be published to this day.

Do Not Disclose Secrets

The one rule of the Magic Circle that every lover of magic knows about is this:

“To oppose the wilful disclosure of magical secrets other than to magicians or bona fide students and historians of magic.” 

This has caused quite a bit of controversy over the years. In fact, the society’s first president – David Devant – was expelled for allowing his book Tricks for Everyone to be serialised in The Royal Magazine. Since then, a number of magicians have found themselves suspended for breaking this rule (not me, I hasten to add), but it’s normally the case that re-instatement follows after a brief period of reflection and remorse.

There’s a good deal of discussion about whether the rejoinder to keep our secrets safe is still relevant today. For me it’s all about maintaining a mystery around the profession. The internet makes everything seem immediately accessible, but life’s not really like that. Creating a signature illusion is hard work – I value the fact that the Magic Circle recognises that work and honours it with secrecy.

How Do You Join the Magic Circle?

I joined the Magic Circle in 2013. At that point I’d been earning my living full-time as a magician for 6 years, and I was able to find two nominees who had known me for at least 2 years, to recommend me for membership. I was invited to interview at which I had to prove my competence as a magician, and finally I was given entry at the ‘Apprentice Level’.

Once in, there are further hurdles to be leapt. Perhaps my scariest professional moment ever was being invited to perform before a select few magicians in order to determine whether I could become a full member. It’s called an ‘examination’ and your performance is graded! Entry to the hallowed society is not for the faint-hearted.

Fancy a Visit to The Magic Circle?

If you love magic and would enjoy a trip to the heart of the Magic Circle, the headquarters can be found in Stephenson Street, just off the Euston Road. You can visit the society’s museum, experience close-up magic, watch magic shows, and learn more about the colourful characters that make up the membership over the years.

Are You Looking to Hire a Magic Circle Magician?

Magic Circle magicians don’t just do theatre and TV; I have always interspersed these activities with the magic I perform at private parties, corporate events, and weddings. I specialise in close-up magic that is designed to amaze people, but it’s also a great ice breaker, and it quickly gets tables of strangers laughing in disbelief and talking to each other. My goal is to provide a unique experience of magic that your guests will never forget.

Would you like to book Richard Young Magician for your wedding, party, or event? Message, call or email him today for a quick chat, and a quote.

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