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Magician at your wedding?

11th March 2015

Need to Hire a Magician for your Wedding?

Richard Young entertaining the Bride & Groom at a wedding at Clearwell Castle in Gloucestershire.

Spring is here and and the wedding season isn’t far away either. I perform at lots of weddings and they are always great fun! There are three slots which are popular for me to fill during a traditional wedding format with close-up magic.

The first is during the welcome drinks reception, you will usually find that this is a slot lasting up to 2 hours where the guests have nothing to do except drink and hang around waiting for dinner. Having me come in to perform close-up magic, fills the gap nicely and creates a real talking point and ice breaker. I always tell the brides who book me never to tell the guests I am coming, the reactions are much bigger this way.

The second slot which works really well is for me to perform during the wedding breakfast, it is a fact that there will always be a few guests you have to seat together who do not know each other, I always ask which tables these are and ensure I go to that particular table as early as possible to break the ice of the wedding guests seated there.

The final slot is during the evening wedding reception, all of the formalities of the day are over and everyone is up for a good time, having a close-up magician wander around gets the party atmosphere fired up and ensures the guests who have just arrived immediately feel part of the celebrations.

Sometimes brides have other creative ideas regarding when my magic can be best utilised during the wedding day. If you have any fun alternative formats for me, let me know!

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