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Looking for something unique, memorable, and personalised to the guests at your event? Richard Young is an award-winning magician for hire in London, who specialises in stunning close-up magic. He’s a regular performer at Grosvenor House on Park Lane, and has appeared on numerous TV specials, including Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Humour, Magic, and Ice-Breaking Repartee

Like all great magicians, Richard Young is a great ice-breaker at events. Working with small groups at tables, or when standing with drinks, he’ll perform magic, and have everyone laughing and chatting in just a few minutes. Give your guests a surprise performer who will stay in their minds, long after the event is over.

What Kind of Magic?

It’s the kind of magic that makes you laugh in disbelief and wonder at what you’ve just witnessed. Richard Young’s table magic is versatile, working with small objects such as cards, coins, bank notes, wine glasses, and napkins. It involves levitation, sleight of hand, mind reading, and objects that disappear and reappear – all right before your eyes.


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An Adaptable Performer

Richard Young has been performing close-up magic at parties, university balls, and corporate events of all kinds for nearly two decades. A consummate performer and wedding magician in London, he’ll adapt his performance to suit his audience, whether they’re 9 or 90. Just tell him when you’d like him to perform, and he’ll use his unique skills to amaze and baffle anyone he comes in contact with.

Close-Up Magician for Hire in London

Want to discuss with Richard Young how you can incorporate his magic into your event? He’ll be happy to work with you. The creation of a stunning event for your guests is our priority, so we’ll do all we can to ensure they have the best time possible. Having a member of the Inner Magic Circle at your event means you’re guaranteed quality, all round entertainment, and professional magic no one will forget.

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As Seen On

Penn & Teller: Fool Us

ITV1’s The Next Great Magician

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