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25th July 2015

A Magician on Sky News

It has been an incredible 24 hours here! You might not be aware that I work in a double act with another magician called Sam Strange, our act is called Young & Strange and we specialise in large scale magic tricks and comedy.

This week we decided to attempt to photobomb the background of a Live Sky News Broadcast with one of our big illusions (where I appear to visually shrink) outside the Houses of Parliament in London, the results are above for you to see. Two days ago the video was shared on a viral video sharing website called The Poke and within 24 hours it was being shared across the globe and had been viewed over 6 million times. We had requests for interviews from all around the world including here in the UK, the USA, Russia and even Australia. The clip was even shown on American television on ‘Good Morning America’.

Here in the UK there were a number of articles written about our stunt by the major national publications, it was even covered by some international ones too, here they are if you fancy a read:

The Telegraph: HERE

The Mirror: HERE

The Sun: HERE

The Guardian: HERE

The Radio Times: HERE

The Huffington Post: HERE

Time Magazine: HERE

The Metro: HERE


Cosmopolitan: HERE

I hope you enjoy watching me magically shrink in the above video. If you want the full story of how and why this came about watch this slightly extended version below:



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