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4th January 2016

The Magicians Podcast

Interviewing the legendary Paul Daniels for The Magicians’ Podcast.

Being a working magician means I spend a great deal of time on the road (over 30000 miles last year!) and to help make the time go by a year or so ago I started listening in the car to podcasts. If you are unfamiliar a podcast is basically a radio show which isn’t a Live broadcast which you can listen to whenever you feel like via the internet or a mobile phone signal. There are thousands of them in existence and they cover all manner of genres (I mean literally anything you can think of, there is probably a podcast about it!). I well and truly fell in love with them and decided to create my own after listening to a podcast for comedians and wishing there was one for magicians.

So after a bit of research and some training regarding how you even make a podcast I started producing The Magicians Podcast, it is a weekly show available on iTunes and in each episode I interview a different magician. It isn’t really for the public, it is aimed at magicians and talks about the subject of magic in some real depth, however a few non magicians have got in touch with me who have stumbled across it and said how much they have enjoyed hearing magicians talking about magic and the odd (and often extraordinary) lives they lead because of their unusual career choice. I have now made dozens of podcasts with a different magician in each episode and have had an absolute blast going to the homes of my heroes and asking them about their career’s and the magic they perform. Some of the magicians you will have heard of such as the legendary Paul Daniels (above image) and the biggest star in UK magic today Dynamo, however most are the genius’s who have worked behind the iron curtain creating extraordinary magic which you see magicians doing on television, the internet and at Live events.

If you would like to have a quick listen (it’s free!) you can do so on iTunes at this link:




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