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Wedding Magician Birmingham For Hire

Looking for a wedding magician Birmingham? With any type of wedding, regardless of the venue, the theme and the number of guests, you need to consider how you will keep people entertained at various times during the day. One option that is sure to wow and amaze every guest is to hire a magician to make their way around and perform for small groups. This can be a really great surprise, especially if you don’t let anybody know you’ve hired a performer. We can provide you with one of the most talented wedding magicians in Birmingham, Richard Young. He is certain to delight everyone at your event and keep them guessing.

There are a number of times during your wedding day when you may appreciate having a magician to entertain people. Our magician can perform tricks at the start of the reception whilst people wait, to keep them entertained and help break the ice. Alternatively, he can perform when everyone sits down for the meal. This works particularly well when you have people seated together who may not know each other. We can also provide excellent entertainment for the evening celebration, providing close up magic or a stand up show.

We can provide magical entertainment for all kinds of wedding celebrations and offer a unique kind of entertainment that your guests will really enjoy. We understand that each event is unique, and can customise all of our performances to suit your needs and budget. Whether it is a large audience of over 150 people, or an intimate celebration with close friends and family, we will deliver the best services we possibly can.

The great thing about hiring us as your wedding entertainment is that we can perform for adults, teens and young children alike. We will tailor every performance to suit the audience and ensure we deliver the perfect blend of humour and magic. Guests of all ages will be amazed and astounded by the show we put on.

If you would like to discuss your wedding plans with us we would be pleased to hear from you. With us you can be confident you’ll receive quality entertainment from a magician with some of the highest qualifications possible. Richard has been performing for over twenty years and is a proud member of the Magic Circle, the premier society in the world for magicians. You need look no further for excellent wedding magicians in Birmingham.


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